Developing your leadership skills is not easy.The formal study of leadership might just be harder. So, let’s make it easier and just reflect on leadership as I see it. I will be sharing my reflections on a variety of leaders and leadership topics.  In future posts I will look at the leadership of FDR, Muhammed Ali, Colin Kapaernick, a Hong Kong businessman, my father, General George Meade, and anybody that displays leadership, or the lack thereof. (By the way, I am going to leave the whole Presidential leadership issue alone and allow you your own reflections on that topic.)

I will also share my thoughts on leadership issues, the joys of leading, and the challenges of the leadership journey. As this blog develops, you will soon find posts on specific leadership topics, such as focus, leadership strengths, transparency, communication, the emotional journey of leaders, and situations from my experiences. I am a committed student of and believer in the power of identifying and using your strengths, so expect some posts that reflect on strengths and leadership.

Leading is not easy. Be forewarned, the challenges of leadership can leave you intellectually and emotionally drained. But also know that the world is in desperate need of thoughtful, moral, and caring leaders and that the joys of leading are boundless. My goal is to give you the opportunity and inspiration to reflect on leadership, yours and that of others. Thinking about leading, rather than just reacting to situations,  is something that will help you with the challenges of your personal leadership development.

I hope I can help you with your growth as a leader, and I hope that you enjoy your journey. I respect you for being a leader and wish you the best. Good luck!